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22k Gold Set : 14k Gold Rosary Beads

22k Gold Set

22k gold set

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22k gold set - 14k White

14k White Gold 3-Piece Princess-Cut Diamond Bridal Ring Set (.22 ct Center 1 cttw, G-H Color, I1 Clarity), Size 5

14k White Gold 3-Piece Princess-Cut Diamond Bridal Ring Set (.22 ct Center 1 cttw, G-H Color, I1 Clarity), Size 5

This innovative 14 karat white gold ring features a center band, with a solitaire diamond, accompanied by two slim pave-diamond outer bands. The result is a beautifully balanced design with tremendous sparkle. The .22 carat center princess-cut diamond is mounted in a four-prong setting on a relatively wide band with graceful sloping shoulders. The slender outer bands curve slightly to help showcase the beauty of the center stone. This exceptional ring holds a total of 35 near-colorless diamonds (G-H color), with a minimum I1 clarity and a total combined weight of 1 carat.

77% (16)

Opal Brooch 2

Opal Brooch 2

Custom brooch project we did for my cousin Marcella. We took 22k gold
from a cherished family heirloom and turned it into gold granule
"dew-drop" accents on the leaves. We had two steel straight screw-back
pins laser welded onto the back. This pin will be used on my cousin's
leather motorcycle jacket, making a very sturdy ...pin backing necessary.
The opal GLOWS... Mark did an excellent job cutting the opal!

Sterling silver pierced overlay, 22k accents & 22k
bezel set solid Australian crystal opal.

Vintage Tea Pot with 22K gold trim . . .

Vintage Tea Pot with 22K gold trim . . .

A flickr friend . . . Dolphin, had this Vintage Aladin Tea pot set (with creamer & sugar) sent to me for my birthday. It's more of a turquoise coloring but I couldn't get the right blue because of the lighting . . anyhoo, the tea pot set is simply gorgeous with its 22K gold trim . . . I love the "swirls" found on the teapot, creamer and sugar bowl. Again, thank you so very much Dolph!!!! Now shall we have some tea? ;-)

22k gold set

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